Where is Natura Nordic produced??

It is produced right here in Denmark!


How does it smell?

Each can has its own scent.

Melbourne (black) smells of bergamot, orange, rosewood, geranium and cedar.

Sydney (white) smells of coconut and lime.

Colombo (silver) smells of lemon and vanilla.

Eau Claire (silver) contains fewer essential oils and has a lighter scent of sage and geranium.


You test on animals?

Naturally, we would never test on animals!


How long is the shelf life of the deodorant?

Our deodorants have a shelf life of 12 months before opening and 6 months after opening. So feel free to store and have backups at home!


I have sensitive skin, can I still use your deodorants??

Absolutely! If your skin is particularly sensitive, we recommend our Eau Claire edition as it does not contain sodium bicarbonate. It is of course just as effective against sweat odor as our other deodorants.


I just switched to Natura Nordic, but I sweat more?

Natura Nordic is a 100% natural deodorant and not an antiperspirant. It does not contain aluminium-based chemicals which block the sweat glands. If you switch from an antiperspirant, you may find that you sweat more at first as your body detoxes from previously used products. Over time, your body will adapt and sweat less than before, as your body will now be able to "breathe" freely. Even in this transitional phase, our deodorant still keeps you odor-free!


How can I use Natura Nordic deodorant without getting it on my nails??

If you would like to avoid taking deodorant with your fingers, we recommend our bamboo deodorant stick, with which you can pick up deodorant and then rub it into your armpits as you would any cream.


Are the deodorants gender neutral?

All our deodorants are gender neutral and can be used by anyone of any age and with any skin type. We have received feedback that our Melbourne version has a slightly more citrus and woody scent and that the Sydney version is fruity and sweet.


Are Natura Nordic's deodorants pregnancy-friendly?

Yes absolutely! Since there are no harmful chemicals or toxins in our deodorants, you can use it during your pregnancy and after.


Natura Nordic is completely natural, but there is baking soda in it. Is it natural?

Yes! High quality sodium bicarbonate comes from the earth in the form of minerals. These minerals are then refined and converted into sodium bicarbonate.


Should I wash my hands after applying Natura Nordic??

No, all the ingredients are of such high quality and of course natural that they are actually edible (although we don't recommend eating it).


Will I smell the deodorant all day??

After application, the deodorant keeps its scent for a few hours. After this, the scent begins to disappear quietly and many hours later becomes scent-free. However, it still protects against bad odors for up to 24 hours.


What are the little black dots in my Colombo deodorant?

Our Colombo deodorant is made with real vanilla beans from Madagascar. There may therefore be tiny vanilla beans to be found in the Colombo variant. And don't worry - the vanilla we use is organic!


I'm done with my can, what should I do with it now??

Our stylish tins can be reused to store jewellery, coins, safety pins etc. They are also perfect travel containers, but if you don't want to keep them, they are also fully recyclable! When you are done with your deodorant, throw the empty clean can into the "Metal" bin. Then the can can be recycled.


I have used your deodorant but have had a red reaction?

If you have had a reaction to one of our deodorants, please write us an email at info@naturanordic.com and we will find a solution! Some people find that their skin is sensitive to sodium bicarbonate, which is found in four of our deodorants (Not in Eau Claire). For some, it can also be a reaction to an essential oil. In that case, we would suggest trying our fragrance-free versions.


The consistency has changed on my deodorant - is that ok??

Yes, it does not affect the effectiveness of the product. Natura Noridc is made with natural ingredients, which means they can react to temperature differences or if the can has been left open for too long.


I have ordered a few times, but no longer receive info cards - why?

To avoid using unnecessary paper material, we do not send info cards with you if you have ordered more than twice. If you would still like to receive these cards, please write to us at info@naturanordic.com.


If you have other questions that have not been answered here, please feel free to e-mail us at info@naturanordic.com