Who Uses Natura Nordic?

Before natura nordic I used a sea of expensive and cheap deodorants, if I finally found an antiperspirant that lived up to its purpose, it instead just smelled of alcohol and spirits, and conversely if I found one that smelled good, the effect was not optimal.
I didn't think there was anything that both worked but also smelled good, and in my experiment through several different (and very expensive) deodorants, I read a notice about natura nordic, and like many others, it also got a chance, luckily, because it worked! And smells super good, both clean and mild.
It is definitely a product you don't just buy once.
If I had to say something to someone who is considering buying it, it would be "try it". The best thing about the product is that you in no way have a bad conscience towards either body or skin when you apply it.
What type of deodorant did you use before Natura Nordic?
Either roll-on or cream. I have tried deodorants bought both at the supermarket and the pharmacy.
What made you make the change to a natural deodorant?
I had the opportunity to try natura nordic deodorants last summer before they were launched in the market. I responded to a post by Eden on a FB group I am a member of. Spirit the reason why I now only use natura nordica deodorants is that they work, on the contrary of the others previously tried.
What do you like best about Natura Nordic's deodorants?
That they really work reducing the armpit perspiration and totally removing the bad smell.
Which is your favorite version?
I like all of them, but probably Colombo is my favorite.